Starvation drives krill population cycles  
    Competition for food in the sea ice zone in autumn drives large variations in the Antarctic krill population, according to new research by German and Australian scientists.  
China signs six polar research agreements  
    Memorandums of understanding aimed at enhancing cooperation between the State Oceanic Administration and six foreign polar research organizations were signed on Thursday night. Parties to the agreements included the Norwegian Polar Institute, Argentina's National Directorate of the Antarctic and Rus  
Antarctic capacity will be boosted  
     China published its first white paper on its Antarctic explorations on Monday, pledging to boost its capabilities in the exploration and study of the continent.  
Chinese official urges legislation on Antarctic activities  
    SHANGHAI, April 11 (Xinhua) -- China should speed up domestic legislation related to its increasing Antarctic activities, a senior Chinese official said Tuesday.  
Major (SCI) Papers on Polar Research (Published during the Period of September 2014 to September 2015)
Science Feature: Potential sea-level rise from Antarctic ice-sheet instability constrained by observations

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